I arrange music (usually from films) for myself to play on the piano all the time, and the scores end up just sitting on my hard drive, so I decided to share them. Maybe no one will ever care or see them, but at least they’re out there if someone wants them for whatever reason. I’m not trying to infringe on any copyrights or anything, so I hope that’s not a problem. I’ll probably update this site a couple times a week or so.


10 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. sb says:

    I care and appreciate them.. I was looking for Alan Silvestri, Contact, and I found it here. Keep up the good work ! Music is the universal language, thank you for sharing !!

  2. Laura Melita says:

    Hi there,
    You have no idea how much your altruism on that matter helped. I’ve been looking for sheet music of Thomas Newman for days! Do you have more? If you do, and if you’re willing of course, could you send them to me?


  3. Laura Melita says:

    Thank you!

    Well, I’ve been looking for “Punishment” or “Coffey on the Mile” from the Green Mile; The End Titles of Revolutionary Road, Little Children and The Horse Whsiperer; “Angela Undress” from American Beauty; “Whisper of a Thrill” from Meet Joe Black; anything from Erin Brokovich or Phenomenon.

    If by any chance, you’ve got some of those on MIDI file, it would help me even more, since I can’t read sheet music. I’ve been converting PDF files to MIDI in order to read scores in Synthesia. I’ve been teaching myself to play the piano for 7months now and I will take music lessons in the nearby future, but for now, Synthesia will do. I have always been extremely passionate about music, and being able to play something that I love is indescribable!

    Anyway, a thousand times thanks in advance,


    • alexshor says:

      Email me if you want a MIDI file. Those are some good suggestions. Now I’m working on transcribing some tracks from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

  4. Laura Melita says:


    I’ve noticed the last two scores you’ve published. Thank you for those. I’m touched.
    I’ll have to bother you a little more since I can’t find your e-mail on this website. I’ll give you mine instead. If it’s not too much to ask, would you be willing to send me every Thomas Newman’s midi file you’ve got? (Even those you’ve posted. The program I’m using, makes mistakes every once in a while).
    This is my e-mail, must you not have access to it:

    I’m really sorry for the trouble.


  5. Andrew says:

    Hey Alex,

    Just wanted to say that YES we piano learners ARE finding your site and learning from your arrangements 🙂 Much appreciation for what you’ve posted so far. I was reading through the comments and noticed you talking with Laura about Thomas Newman music. Any chance you’ve made an arrangement of the main theme from Meet Joe Black? I’ve been playing for about a year and have attempted my own arrangement by throwing all the kinds of chords I know at it lol. Still can’t get it to sound like I remember hearing it, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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